Good News From Your Water Board

We are happy to say that your water board has been busy trying to maintain our facilities to their optimum level.

First let me pass on the information from North Harris County Regional Water Authority. They were going to raise the rate they charge us for surface water on April 1, and we then direct pass on to you. They have agreed due to the virus to delay the start of the increase to July 1 of this year.

Many of you have seen trucks in the community over the last few months. They have been slip lining our waste lines to improve water flow and prolong the life of our system.

You may know that we have two water wells in the community, one off Schroeder road near the Prestonwood town homes and the other at the end of the 8200 block of Camborne. A few years ago we built a new concrete 500,000 gallon tank and a wall around it at the Camborne location, but left the galvanized tank in place. It has been out of service for a while since it has reached its useful service life. Because of this and the fact that it was built when we opened the subdivision, we have decided to take it down which happened the first week of May. (See attached pictures)

The other major project being done the same week is taking down the elevated belt press at our water treatment plant on Cypresswood at the Prestonwood Forest intersection. For those of us that live closest to Cypresswood it has been an eyesore for a long time. When it was built Cypresswood did not exist so it was a non-issue. It was used to process sludge from the water treatment process, but the board based on a financial analysis has decided to remove sludge by an alternate method. To remove the building it was planned to just lift off the canopy housing and then the press itself. Best plans sometimes have an OOP’S. The computer on the crane miscalculated and locked up causing the crane to be lifted up. (See attached pictures) The contractor then had to bring in two MUCH BIGGER cranes to save the original one and then lift off the press. There were no damages or injuries. Concrete columns will come down the second week of May.

The good news for all of us is that the board has been planning on all this work for a long time and we have the funds to do it without raising rates, taxes, or issue bonds!

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