Update From Your Water Board

We have completed the demolition projects that were mentioned in the “GOOD NEWS FROM YOUR WATER BOARD” article published in the Prestonwood Press in the June issue.  We continue to improve our system and facilities.

  1. All of the trees and shrubs at our 3 facilities have been pruned so as to improve the grass area around them and allow us to add some bedding plants at the treatment plant on Cypresswood Dr.
  2. All of the trees along the community side of Cypresswood Dr. have also been pruned to allow sunlight to the grass area under them and also improve the line of sight for drivers exiting our community.
  3. We are also looking for ways to improve the landscaping in front of the Cypresswood plant and along the fence that runs parallel to the new Vintage Park bridge.
  4. There are plans to upgrade both Water Plant 1 at the end of the 8200 block of Camborne and the treatment plant on Cypresswood. The good news is that we have been budgeting for this for some time and will NOT have to issue any bonds or raise our rates to do so.
  5. We have also had multiple streetlights installed on the north side of Cypresswood across from the Prestonwood Forest intersection.

We know all of you are concerned about the rising cost of water and so are we.  We have also heard from many of you and seen confusing articles on the “Next Door” website.  I mentioned that North Harris County Regional Water Authority (NHCRWA) delayed their 2020 rate increase from April 1 until July 1 this year.  Unfortunately you have probably already seen that it has been assessed.  Water is becoming more and more a precious commodity.  Some areas of Texas and the rest of the country have seen their sources dry up.  Some parts of Harris County have seen as much as a 10’ drop in subsidence due to the lowering of area water tables.  The good news is that Harris County saw this as a future problem and developed Lake Conroe, Lake Houston, and Lake Livingston to assure us of a long term source of drinking water back in the 1950’s.  The NHCRWA was developed in 1999 to start delivering water to the growing northwest part of Harris County.  With the increasing development of this NW area that is an ongoing process.  There are two other water authorities, one on the west side and the other in Ft. Bend.  The laying of underground piping, acquisition of land, and a treatment plant are all paid for with bonds and the ever increasing cost of the water that is delivered.  Prestonwood Forest is fortunate that we still have two good wells and do not have to use 100% surface water year round.  The mandate that accompanied this plan was that the NW area would be accepting the delivery of 30% surface water by 2010 which was accomplished.  The next goal is to be taking 60% by 2025 and then 80% by 2035 so you can see that this is not the end of water cost increases.

Your new water rates effective July 1 are as follow:

  • Groundwater – $4.50 / 1000 gallons (PFUD)
  • Surface water – $4.70 / 1000 gallons (NHCRWA)

If you would like to know more about the NHCRWA please go to their web site at https://www.nhcrwa.com/ or the PrestonwoodforestUD.org website.

We ask that you continue to conserve water.  For suggestions as to how you can do this please consult the PFUD web site and read the inserts that we provide on a regular basis in your water bill envelopes.