Board of Directors

Prestonwood Forest Utility District

  • Gary Craig, President
  • Ted Karis, Vice President
  • J.R Allen, Secretary
  • Cindy Ems, Assistant Secretary
  • John Broadfoot, Member


  • To provide plentiful clean and pure water that exceeds State and Federal standards
  • To provide all services in a fiduciary and cost effective manner
  • To maintain a tax rate that is as low or lower than the surrounding area and ensure the financial stability of the District and its property owners.

Gary Craig, PFUD PresidentGary Craig

Ted Karis, PFUD Vice PresidentTed Karis
Vice President

J.R.Allen, PFUD SecretaryJ. R. Allen

Cindy Ems, PFUD Assistant SecretaryCindy Ems
Assistant Secretary

John Broadfoot, MemberJohn Broadfoot